Our Organic Structure


FACRAs director is nominated by the managing entity. The director represents FACRA at the supervisory authority (Ministry of Economy) and its stakeholders.


Future thinking

Angola is a unique country with a unique history. Since peacetime in 2002, Angola has rapidly become one of Africa’s largest oil exporters and the continent’s third largest economy. This wealth places the country at an exciting cross-roads with even greater opportunities to come.

The Government of Angola has a strategy to retain the nation’s wealth for future generations. That strategy was developed in the National Plan of Development 2013-2017 with the objectives of increasing and developing the country’s innovation and entrepreneurship; creating the business leaders of the future; and spurring the growth of a modern, diverse and dynamic economy. This is Angola’s future.

Central to achieving this goal is the development and promotion of investments in the non-oil economy. FACRA can do this by stimulating MSMEs through the creation of new business opportunities and the transfer of know-how and technology from outside of Angola.

Achieving this goal means stimulating local businesses proactively through education and opportunity so that entrepreneurs can create the jobs of tomorrow. This is where FACRA plays its part in co-investing and helping to build tomorrow’s economy.