About Facra

Fundo Activo de Capital de Risco Angolano (FACRA) offers long-term financial investments to enable MSMEs and entrepreneurs to realize their business development potential.

FACRA’s objectives involve helping to facilitate the launch and expansion of new businesses, boosting entrepreneurship, supporting the development of business skills, and promoting innovation and efficiency in Angolan small and medium enterprises. The fund also aims to build competencies, innovation and technological capabilities in businesses with which it invests.

As a government-backed venture capital fund, FACRA is a powerful instrument for the diversification of the Angolan economy. The Fund plays a particularly important role due to the current macro-economic environment, where access to financing by SMEs is difficult and the relatively small pool of skilled local workforce often impedes business expansion.

FACRA provides alternative, stable long-term equity funding to local and foreign entrepreneurs looking to enter the Angolan market. Organizations that FACRA invests in also benefit from expert business support in both a strategic and financial capacity during the business life cycle.


Our Vision

Our vision is to foster innovation and entrepreneurship through investment in Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises in order to catalyze local production in many sectors of the real economy.


Our Mission

To gear MSMEs toward economic diversification in order to create more jobs, improve e-business managerial skills accountability at MSME level, and also provide a higher supply of goods and services to the Angolan people.


Our Values

FACRA places its values firmly on innovative projects. Innovation adds value to products and generates competitive advantages over the medium and long term. Hence, we believe that differentiation is crucial for the sustainable growth of companies and nations.


Our Goals

FACRA’s goals reflect the socio-economic objectives of the Angolan Executive highlighted in the National Development Plan 2013/2017, which focuses on economic diversification, exports promotion, and potentiation of the private sector. By assisting the capacity of MSMEs, this will enhance national GDP growth.